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Acrality Hero

Autore: sabbath83 :: Data di creazione: Mar Mar 10, 09 3:52 pm

A voi un song pack di canzoni convertite da (lavoro fatto da Inkk), sono tutte frettate da Acra e hanno tutte e 4 le difficolta.

Tier 1

Dethklok - Kill You
12 Stones - Anthem for the Underdog
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
Dethklok - Bloodrocuted
Rise Against - Like the Angel
Sum 41 - The Hell Song
Dethklok - Into the Water
Encore Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots

Tier 2

Sum 41 - No Brains
Shadows Fall - Ghost of Past Failures
Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour
Quiet Riot - Cum on Feel the Noize
Serpent Underground - Devils of Flesh
Dethklok - Better Metal Snake
Tool - Schism
Encore Buckethead - Stretching Lighthouse

Tier 3

Megadeth- Five Magics
Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch
As I Lay Dying - The Sound of Truth
Darkest Hour - Demon(s)
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
Five Finger Death Punch - Ashes
In Flames - Crawl Through Knives
Encore Imperanon - Stained

Tier 4

Thrice - See You In The Shallows
Megadeth - Lucretia
Collusion - Failure
Dethklok - Birthday Dethday
Mors Principium Est - The Unborn
Joe Satriani - If I Could Fly
Darkest Hour - Fire in the Skies
Encore Dream Theater - Pull Me Under

Tier 5

Mors Principium Est - The Animal Within
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Scuttle Buttin'
Van Halen - 5150
Dethklok - Castratikron
Arsis - We Are The Nightmare
Children of Bodom - Kissing the Shadows
Encore Megadeth - Poison Was The Cure

Tier 6

Dethklok - Hatredcopter
Five Finger Death Punch - The Way of the Fist
Joe Satriani - Crystal Planet
Darkest Hour - Doomsayer
Killswitch Engage - Break the Silence
Encore Iced Earth - Pure Evil

Tier 7

Steve Stevens - Run Across Desert Sands
Tesla - Cumin' Atcha Live
Mors Principium Est - Life in Black
Paul Gilbert - Metal Dog
Megadeth - Tornado of Souls
Parkway Drive - Breaking Point
Encore Impellitteri - 17th Century Chicken Pickin'

Tier 8

Symphony X - Sea of Lies
Marc Rizzo - The Riddle of Steel
Mors Principium Est - Parasites of Paradise
The Human Abstract - Vela, Together We Await The Storm
Guthrie Govan - Fives
Marc Rizzo - Isosceles
Encore Marc Rizzo - Introspection of an Introvert


Dethklok - Hatredy
Dethklok - Murdertrain A Comin'
Dethklok - Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
Dethklok - Deththeme
Dethklok - Dethharmonic
Dethklok - Face Fisted
Dethklok - The Lost Vikings
Dethklok - Fansong
Dethklok - Go Forth and Die
Dethklok - Murmaider

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