Frets on Fire Italia :: Songs Pack: PNC Mini Hero (20 Songs)

PNC Mini Hero (20 Songs)

Autore: pitt1095 :: Data di creazione: Ven Feb 05, 10 10:37 pm

Fretter: porknchili (PNC)
DifficoltÓ: Expert
Carriera: NO


Archangels in Black (Live at LAG Guitar Headquarters) - Adagio
Believe - Burning in Hell
Enter the Grave - Evile
Exercise 2, Accepting Defeat - Mr. Petrucci
Holographic Universe - Scar Symmetry
In The Name Of God - Dream Theater
Inferno (Unleash the Fire) - Symphony X
Kingdoms - Hess
Let Off Some Steam Bennett - Austrian Death Machine
Lookin' For Eden - Science Faxtion
Northern Comfort - Children of Bodom
Prelude to Madness - Outworld
Reasons to Live - Dragonforce
Stratofortress - Stratovarius
The Bird-Serpent War Cataclysm - Symphony X
The Inner Road - Adagio
The Last of a Dying Breed - Impellitteri
The Machine - Rusty Cooley
The Seven Lands of Sin - Adagio
The Temple of Fire - Power Quest

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